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About The Studios

Located in Manhattan, New York, STIGMASOUND Studios serves as New York City’s premiere boutique recording, mixing and audio production facility.

STIGMASOUND’s state of the art creative suite houses a unique technically tailored pre/post-production audio room as well as a warm and spacious live room to easily accommodate your every recording and production need.

Our extended family of clients range from singer-songwriters and instrumentalists to acoustic/electronic groups and contemporary recording artists of all genres and musical paths.

We can assemble and refine the most fitting creative and technical team of recording engineers and audio producers to help you realize your sound …or simply let you and your own musical mad scientists use our awesome gear and drive it home YOURSELF!

We understand the importance of not only maintaining our client’s unique musical integrity but also making it the truly great work it should be.  STIGMASOUND believes in your sound….. our only signature should be how much it sticks out!

From recording and mixing a new song or project, composing/arranging full motion picture scores to writing and implementing original pneumonic themes and soundscapes for corporate sonic branding applications, STIGMASOUND™ aspires to beat even your standards of quality.

STIGMASOUND Studios wants to help you and your creative team beat the deadline and stay within budget.

About The Producer

Producer Michael 'Leviathan' Williams

STIGMASOUND Studios is home to the sound of composer, producer, and publisher Michael ‘Leviathan’ Williams (SeaSerpenTMusicK, BMI).

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